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An incredible UNESCO Heritage Island

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International Kenyan Coach and Athlete

Come and run with us on a unique and incredible island with over 100 tracks & trails dedicated to running in the company of TIMOTHY KIPKORIR LIMO, a Kenyan professional athlete and one of the most famous coach at the HATC (High Altitude Trainign Center) in Iten | Kenya.

A unique and unforgettable experience: a week of running immersed in the volcanoes of the island of Lanzarote, between beaches, cliffs and canyons running in a breathtaking landscape declared by the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve


Timo Limo is one of the most well known characters in Iten, the worldly famous “Home of Champions” based at 2.400m of altitude in the highlands of the Great Rift Valley of Kenya, the country where all the best runners on earth were born.

Timo, cousin of an Olympic medalist, is first of all a professional élite athlete specialized in fast 
middle-distance running, particularly 800m. Over the last few years he has also proved to have great talent in coaching, as being a specialist of running technique, running form and running posture.

As a qualified coach, Timo Limo decided to found his company “The Heart of Kenyan Running” in 2018 to share the best of his great experience both as an athlete and as a coach, runners and young talents from all over the world.

The goal of his personal project is to identify and cultivate new talent in running and welcoming a group of foreign runners in Kenya: Timo guides people from different countries and continents in a unique experience to reveal to them what it means to be and run as a Kenyan

As co-founder and director of The Heart of Kenyan Running in Iten, Timo is the one who really drives the running fields hosted at the Iten High Altitude Training Center. He carefully supervises all the details of the activities of our camps and coordinates all the local staff members to ensure that each of our guests can get the most out of their experience with us.

As Head Coach, Timo supervises the training program of our fields and plans all the specific sessions on the track and in the gym, as an essential part of our guests’ training. Thanks to Timo’s high level as a professional coach, we can make sure that runners of all levels will experience an exceptional improvement in their running technique at the end of their stay.

The Heart of Kenyan Running

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3-10 December 2020

The Camp will last 7 nights and 8 days in total, the first day and the last day are dedicated to the arrivals and departures of the participants

Suitable for all levels

This Training Camp is suitable for all levels of preparation, athletes can be divided into different groups based on their level of preparation.

Exclusive formula

This Camp provides the exclusive formula with half board in an exclusive Sport Hotel. Isotonic drinks, gels and supplements in training.

Many direct flights

Many European Ryanair direct flights to Lanzarote in about 4 hours.
The flight is excluded from the camps



Welcome Meeting: Timo Limo‘s Introduction to the participants, presentation of the guests and discussion about their running goals/expectations from the training week, presentation of the training program and its details, first approach to the culture of running in Kenya

4th December
Morning: warm up (20’min), core/strength/ mobility session outdoor  (50’/1h)
Easy run 40′ 

Hillwork session
Warm up 2/3km, first introduction to Timo Limo‘s running drills as part of the warm up, hillwork: min 30′ – max 50′, according to the guests’ level
Cooling down: 2/3km jogging, stretching

Talk: The natural diet of Kenyan runners

5th December
Track session
Warm up 2km – Focus on Running drills & Running Technique: 1h
Speedwork (e.g. 10 x 400m; each participant will have his/her own specific workout according to their level and racing/training goals )
Cooling down: jogging 2km

Easy run: 40′

Talk: The daily routine of Kenyan runners, the real life of upcoming runners and élite runners; Q&A

6th December
Morning: easy run along the beautiful trails (volcanic scenery), increase speed in the last 15′-20′; total duration of the session 1h/ 1h30′
Stretching/ mobility

Core/strength session plus pliometrics – 1h
Easy run: 40′

Talk: The modern management of Kenyan runners

7th December
Morning: warm up (up to 5km); FARTLEK session ( 15/20 x 1′:1′ or 15/20 x 2′:1′ or 15 x 3′:1′ according to the level of each participant)
Cooling down 2km jogging

Easy run 50′ – or aqua jogging in the swimming pool

Talk: Check point on the training (feelings, Q&A, focus on each participant’s training or racing goals)

8th december
Morning: easy run along Lanzarote’s dirt roads (volcanic scenery) , medium pace for the last 15′-20′; durata 1h/ 1h30′

Warm up 20′
Running drills 30′
Core/strength/conditioning session – durata 45′

Talk: The difference between the western and the Kenyan method of training; The day racing day: the Kenyan runners’ approach to the biggest racing events (from Timo Limo‘s personal experience)

9th december
Morning: Track session
Warm up 2km – Running drills as part of the warm up
Speedwork (e.g. 10 x 1.000 plus 5 x 200m or pyramids; each participant will get their own specific program according to their level and racing or training goals)
Cool down


Easy run 40′ – last focus on running drills: the guests are welcome to ask questions to Timo Limo or review some exercise so that they can continue to train following the same running drills routine at home

Talk: Q&A about the training program completed during the stay, comments, advice on how to continue the training at home, closure of the camp

10th December
Morning: long run (up to 2h30′, according to the level of each participant)
Stretching/ mobility



Double Room
990 €

Accommodation in a room or mini apartment shared with 1 other athlete.

Single Room
1.150 €

Accommodation in a room or mini apartment for single use.

750 €

Accommodation in a double room for a companion with an athlete.

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  • Lanzarote Running Camp con Timo Limo  (camp: Stanza Doppia)  —  990,00
  • Lanzarote Running Camp con Timo Limo  (camp: Stanza Singola)  —  1.150,00
  • Lanzarote Running Camp con Timo Limo  (camp: Accompagnatore)  —  750,00

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A Camp formula all inclusive!

You think about training and having fun, and we'll take care of the rest!

Our training camps guarantee a professional organization: high-level hotels with spaces dedicated to sports, private transfer from the airport to the hotel and vice versa, breakfast and dinner included with BIO & Sport-friendly menu, sports snacks, bars, gels, isotonic drinks and water during the workouts, car or equipped van that follows the workouts ensuring continuous support to the athletes, photo shoot and much more …

How a Training Camp works

Our Training Camps are designed to adapt to the needs of all participants, for the most part these are not Camps for Sports professionals but for “amateurs” who want to improve their athletic level and live a special experience between sport and vacation . Those who participate in a Camp do not participate in a race but instead want to improve themselves and acquire new potential.


Most of our Training Camps are suitable for all levels and specifically designed for those who want to improve themselves or start practicing Sport. The Camps are divided into groups based on the level of athletic preparation and the experience of each participant.


In addition to the participating athletes, any accompanying persons may also participate, such as your family, your girlfriend, your wife, and even children. In this case, those who do not participate will enjoy a week's holiday by paying a reduced fee!


Our Training Camps are designed to also be a holiday and to give those who participate to discover the island and relax in the sun. After training in the morning, the afternoon remains free and there are no activities until at least late afternoon and the evening is free!

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Do you have doubts or questions about your registration? Or do you have special needs? Contact us by email and we will reply in a few hours, remember to also write a phone number.

Do you need more information about Timo Limo program or training? Contact Chiara from "The Heart of Kenyan Running" writing an e-mail at this address.